Krakota – Strange System

Label: Hospital Records
Catalog#: NHS293DD
Source: WEB
Release date: 2016-07-29
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 254.35 mb
Genre: Drum & Bass

01. North Winds (05:14)
02. Of The Past the Colour (Feat. Karina Ramage) (05:05)
03. Samphire (05:19)
04. Xylo (06:32)
05. Turn Of Fate (04:26)
06. Powder Coated (Feat. London Elektricity) (05:25)
08. In The Area (Feat. Lifford) (04:55)
07. Half Life (04:27)
09. Elastic (03:50)
10. Carmine (04:37)
11. Meridian (04:31)
12. Weirdos & Creepers (Feat. ILLAMAN) (04:14)
13. End Of The Line (Feat. Benji Clements) (04:30)
14. Sea Air (06:07)
15. Krakota – Strange System (Continuous DJ Mix) (41:24)

The moment the quintessential rave synths, rolling breaks and cooing female vocals on album opener “North Winds” hit you, you know Krakota’s put together something special. Coming on strong like a young Logistics but with his own soul-flecked signature, Krakota has weight, a strong sense of history and scope. The footwork beats and New York sounding synths on “Turn Of Fate”, the big band flourishes of “Powder Coated”, the writhing jazz snakery of “Elastic” the horror movie spikes and MC venom of “Weirdos & Creepers”. Pick a track, any track, and we guarantee Krakota’s smashed it. Hospital don’t mess around with artist albums… Here’s a perfect reminder why.