Nixiro – Journey Through Sound

Label: Parabola Music
Catalog#: PAO1DW950
Source: WEB
Release date: 2017-09-11
Format: MP3
Quality: 320 kbps
Size: 39.77 MB
Genre: Progressive Trance

01. Journey Through Sound (8:49)
02. Drug Abuse is Not a Crime (8:28)

Parabola Music presents two exclusive tracks from Nixiro who has a tricky creative style of psyprog which will definitely make you bring your ears closer to the speakers and groove with a smile. After his successful debut release with Goa Records we’re sure you will enjoy his newest Journey Through Sound. Nixiro is a psytrance producer from Cambridge, UK. Inspired by artists such as Symbolic, Tripy and E-clip, Nixiro produces progressive psytrance with a focus on a strong groove and melodies. Nixiro originally trained as a rock guitarist, but then shifted to producing electronic music when he realized that psytrance was all he was listening to.